Are you Just a Number?

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I’m tired of the lying, the cheating, and the scandals. I’m so fed up!

And it has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming election.

I’m sick of big cosmetic companies pushing their products on me. I can’t open a magazine or change the tv channel without reading or hearing the “hard sell”.

They don’t even know me, so how in the world do they know their product is perfect for me?

They don’t. You are just a number. They know that out of the millions that see their ad, only hundreds will respond. And if you’re not one of them, they’re ok with that.

But you’re not a number. You’re someone looking for products that work best for your skin type and lifestyle. You want to get a little guidance. You’re looking for a little help. You want to talk to somebody.

Is that really too much to ask?

Honestly, It really is. It’s not that they just don’t have the time, they just don’t care.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

And this is why I offer ongoing free consultations with my customers. I know what it’s like to flush money down the drain on products that don’t deliver as promised. I know how it feels not to be heard.

I want my customers to feel important, because they are. I want the chance to really get to know them, because it’s the only way I can help them find that perfect foundation shade or their soon-to-be-favorite mascara.

When you take advantage of KmS Consultations, you:

  • get to speak (or message) with a trained beauty expert one-on-one, no longer feeling like just a “number”
  • receive personal non-pushy product recommendations tailored to your lifestyle and skincare needs, giving you confidence in knowing you no longer have to worry about getting stuck with one more product
  • keep a few extra bucks in your pocket because makeup and skincare that work means no more wasting your hard earned cash on those that don’t

Click here to grab your free consult.

Share an example below of an instance when you got stuck with a makeup or skincare product. How did you handle it? 



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