Why You’ll Never Be Able to Wear Makeup

Around 80% of the women I work with have really struggled with problem skin. And I’m not talking about a breakout here and there. These women live with their skin condition every single day. For some, it’s so bad, they end up missing out on the joys of life, like attending Birthday parties, baby showers and other get-togethers because they’re completely embarrassed.

And they believe their skin makes it impossible for them to ever use makeup, because they’re afraid they’ll break out even more. Maybe you feel the same? If so, today’s blog post is for you, because I’m going to tell you why you’ll never be able to wear makeup.

So many women out there can try the latest trends in makeup. They can wear whatever they want; and unlike you, they don’t even have to think about it. It seems so unfair.

But, here’s the thing that might surprise you. Everyone (with the exception of 2-3% of women with severe skin sensitivities) can wear makeup, some just can’t wear justĀ any makeup.

That’s because problem skin is also sensitive. It’s most sensitive to chemically processed, “unnatural” ingredients and fillers found in just about every product out there.

So why are makeup companies putting these ingredients in their products? Because they’re plentiful, and cheap, which makes the big beauty brands filthy rich.

Heres the bottom line. These brands don’t make their products for you, me or anyone else with problem skin. They make their products for women that can wear anything.

But what about the rest of us?

We need to use products with the least amount of unnatural chemicals. We need to go natural.

Natural makeup products are ideal for those of us with skin challenges, because they’re made from simple ingredients that grow naturally on our earth. And these ingredients are skin-friendly, meaning they’re gentle on the skin, and less likely to cause a skin reaction.

But as you know, many products labeled “natural” are anything but. With this in mind, I encourage you to do a little research on the products you’re thinking about buying. If you’re unsure of an ingredient, enter it in the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database; a great resource to get the lowdown on ingredients.

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