Olive TreeYou’ve been wearing mineral makeup for years, but now you’re over 40, and wonder if it’s still the best choice.

It is.

Those that say you need to steer away from powder as you age are talking about cosmetic powders, not mineral powder. They forget that although these may look the same, they couldn’t be any more different!

It’s cosmetic powders like cornstarch and talc that love to park in fine lines. A pure mineral powder on the other hand is made of mineral ingredients. This  powder is much lighter, and is milled differently, it lays on top of fine lines, not into them. 

Your skin’s needs do change however as you age because it no longer has the ability to hold in moisture like it used to. Your skin now needs nourishment; something a basic mineral makeup can’t give you. 

So, now what?

It’s time to upgrade to a makeup formula like KmS Select Botanical, which was created to “lock in” as much moisture as possible, creating a healthy moisture balance

But nourishing botanicals like Pomegranate and Olive Leaf, aren’t the only reason Select is a better choice for those of us in our 40’s and beyond. Select also protects your skin from free radicals while boosting skin cell production, resulting in a more youthful looking you!

I’ll take that! How about you?  

I’d love to know your thoughts on this! What have you done differently in your beauty routine now that you’re over 40? Let me know in the comments below.